Basement Insect disinfection

Litter, garbage, waste – this is the environment that characterizes the basement. At the first appearance of parasites in the room, immediately call specialists who will conduct the appropriate treatment. The difficulty of bullying lies in the fact that many pests already have immunity to common means of control. High-quality disinfection from insects in the basement is carried out only with the help of modern poisons of a new generation. The strongest substances immediately give a result, after the measures taken, insects disappear from the territory.

Means used service disinsection “Dis-man” are safe for people who do not carry any threat. Their composition is aimed only at parasites. Special equipment, new types of preparations in the form of cold and hot fog, allow you to be 100% sure of the disappearance of arthropods.

Disinfection from cockroaches in the basement

Among all types of cockroach control, fumigation is considered the most effective. Cold fog makes it possible for chemical elements to penetrate deep into cracks, cracks, walls. The agility of the Prussians is the primary ability to elude conventional means. When buying aerosols, traps, and powders in stores, one should not hope that they will disappear immediately. Only strong drugs can remove insects.

Before processing, the specialists of “Dis-man” service determine the degree of infection, the level of population. The chemical composition, dosage, processing method will depend on this. For parasites that have just appeared, traps, gels, and pastes can be used. In case of more serious invasions, disinfection from cockroaches in the basement can only help with the use of cold fog generators.

Bed disinfection in the basement

Bedbugs become the main dangerous bloodsuckers for humans. Disinfection from bedbugs in the basement becomes difficult because these arthropods penetrate deep into old furniture, small crevices, and garbage. To get to the nests can only a special technique of dry heat. The Dis-man pest control service is well aware of how important it is to initially identify the main foci and identify breeding grounds.

Specialists conduct a preliminary inspection, and then proceed to direct bullying. For this, equipment, personnel, and facilities are in use. The drugs used do not harm people who live or work in the building. The effectiveness of the measures is proved by many results of similar work.