Cold fog

Cold fog is a device the making foggy cloud from water and necessary means. In the generator liquid is injected into air under pressure, and this structure will be transformed to a foggy cloud. In a consequence, the micro drops of fog created by the device through a nozzle evenly distribute on the processed rooms. Droplets of “cold fog” are created much less, than in the ordinary manual sprayer, their size is about 40-60 micrometers, and on it it perfectly filters into dredging and cracks, and settles indoors within several hours.

Use of technology of cold fog

The generators making fog are used for an obrabatyvaniye of apartments by special means, but it finds the main application when it is necessary to process the large areas and various big rooms, such for example as shops of productions of the livestock industry, open spaces, and there where people round the clock don’t work.

The technology of cold fog is actively used by the companies and services of disinsection at persecution of the parasitizing insects and also services of disinfection in the activity connected with fight against infections spraying disinfectants at disinfection of rooms of livestock, poultry-farming, hothouse complexes and other actions related.

Pluses of cold fog

Main pluses of cold fog:

  • Garden cylinders sprays it is heavy to spray with all area of dwelling of the wrecker. The share from them will die, but some individuals can take refuge under wall-paper, plinths and in various cracks where it is heavy to poison to get. Micro drops of cold fog in 40-60 microns cover nearly 100% of the area, including air-channels and hard-to-reach spots. Thereof for wreckers just there will be no chance left of survival.
  • Disinsection from wreckers is carried out with use of the most advanced insecticides, they make strong impact on an insect and stop his activity.
  • The applied means for processing don’t leave marks on furniture, wall-paper, and doesn’t harm other things and objects indoors.
  • After airing in rooms where carried out disinsection there is no strong smell of toxic chemicals, unlike plain aerosols.

The main secret of the correct processing by fog is selection of means. The matter is that the main of nuances this accustoming of insects to the insecticides used earlier, on it we hold available all fixed certified assets which we can use. It is the most important aspect of the correct processing.

Cold fog from insects

Our service uses for disinsection cold fog from insects with application of all necessary insecticides from various wreckers. All means which we use underwent certification, and are harmless at observance of rules of use, you can read them on our website or receive at consultation of the master of disinsector.

Cold fog from cockroaches

Cold fog from cockroaches is a great choice of the way used for disinsection. It at application with necessary means from them will yield result necessary for you for long time. We use various means which you will be able to use both for prevention, and for the guaranteed disposal of ubiquitous cockroaches.

Cold fog from bugs

In work against such insects as bugs cold fog shows good results. We carry out processing in two-three steps because the period of hatching of larvae of bugs is two weeks. With guarantee it is possible to carry out effective processing by fog only at observance of all measures which recommend the master of our service.