Destruction of insects in change houses or cabins

Temporary housing by the type of cabins quickly populate not only people, but also insect pests. There are several reasons for this, starting with the proximity of the floor and walls to the soil (due to lack of foundation) and ending with the imperfection of sanitary and hygienic services (water and sewage have not been connected).

The simplicity of the arrangement of temporary dwellings complicates the general picture of their infection during procrastination with the call of a pest control service. Already after 7-10 days, the destruction of insects in cabins may require processing adjacent to the infected premises due to:

  • Through the gaps between them;
  • “Wandering” from hand to hand household items and clothing;
  • Common and frequently visited gathering places (kitchen, bathroom, etc.);
  • Difficulties with personal hygiene and washing clothes.

A separate difficulty with “visiting” objects is the destruction of insects in the warehouse, where “invaders” from change houses can spread. Products stored there will also need to be processed, and many of its varieties cannot be sprayed like food. That is why the professionals of the Dis-Man company always promptly respond to requests for disinsection of such structures.

Destruction of cockroaches in change houses

The best remedy for cockroaches are cold fog generators – portable installations for spraying insect repellents in the form of a droplet suspension. It is stable and penetrates into the smallest crevices where pests can hide. The destruction of cockroaches in cabins is usually carried out with mixtures based on:

  • Chlorpyrifos;
  • Fipronil;
  • Hydromethylnone.

But the prevalence of these insects may also require fixing permanent traps in the corners of the room and protecting the slots in the walls / at the door from penetrating them using a special gel. Disinfectants of the service Disinfection service “Disman” will certainly pick up an individual program to protect the cabins from cockroaches when they reappear, they will advise the best remedies for them from our wide range.

Destruction of bugs in change houses

Inhabitants of change houses most often receive bed bugs along with old furniture infected by them, which for a long time was stored or used in inappropriate conditions. Klopovniki are protected from cold fog better than cockroach nests. They can be located inside the soft parts of the furniture, behind the wall sheathing, in other places inaccessible to him. Therefore, the destruction of bugs in cabins begins or is accompanied by heat treatment:

  • Clothes;
  • Bedding;
  • Seat chairs;
  • Mattress beds.

Our experts carry out chemical “fixing” of the results using organophosphorus agents, pyrethroids or carbamic acid; disinfection from bedbugs is very effective in this case.