Destruction of bedbugs in the apartment

The Dis-Man disinfection service provides services for the destruction of bedbugs living on the territory of apartments. The presence of these parasites in the dwelling brings a lot of negative impressions. Attempts to destroy them by their own forces are in most cases absolutely useless. In such situations it is necessary to call professionals. We promise the complete destruction of the bedbugs in the apartment and this is not a baseless statement, but a real fact confirmed by the numerous positive feedback of the people who took advantage of our offer.

Room processing is carried out in stages and includes:

  • Training (people and pets must free rooms for a few hours);
  • Dispersion of insecticidal structures;
  • Installation of barrier protection (at customer ‘s request).

Destruction of bedbugs in an apartment with a guarantee

Our specialists can achieve the effective destruction of any kind of bedbugs settled in the apartment, including bedding and provide a guarantee for the destruction of bedbugs in the apartment. After dissection you will be able to breathe with relief and not worry that parasites will soon appear again, we will do everything necessary to prevent it from happening. The works are carried out using highly effective drugs, killing not only adults, but also their masonry. Trying to cope with the waste on your own, you will only waste time and can endanger the health of your housekeepers and four-legged pets – toxic agents used to control harmful insects require careful handling. Many forget about compliance with safety rules or neglect them, which results in trouble.

If you contact our firm, you will definitely avoid such problems. Our employees have a great experience of killing harmful insects and know how to act correctly to permanently get rid of uninvited guests.

Order the destruction of bedbugs in the apartment

We provide the opportunity to order the destruction of bedbugs in the apartment at a budget price. Several hundred insect bites can be obtained in one night in a heavily contaminated room, so disinsection treatment should not be delayed. Some take bite marks for an allergic reaction and start taking antihistamines. Before you do this, you need to make sure that there are no bedbugs in the dwelling. In case of the slightest suspicion of parasite appearance, it is necessary to contact the specialized service for disinsection from bedbags.

Do not let insects become masters in your house, take all measures to exterminate them as soon as possible. We will help you to solve this task, quickly and at a reasonable cost we will carry out sanitary treatment. With the help of cold and hot fog generators, you spray insecticides in the premises, saving you from bedbugs for a long time.