Destruction of insects in canteens

Insects in catering organizations are a serious danger. They can not only ruin products, but violate sanitary conditions, compliance with which is mandatory. The management of such enterprises should pay special attention to the condition of premises, warehouses, workers. Periodic dissection is a mandatory measure to maintain the proper condition of the facility.

If insects suddenly start to appear and an increase in population is noticed, then urgent measures are needed. The destruction of insects in canteens from the Dis-man service is carried out using modern drugs, poisons. The composition of such agents is dangerous only for pests. Products, people are not affected by toxic substances. Spraying takes place with the help of a generator, which penetrates the most difficult places to reach.

Destruction of cockroaches in canteens

The dining room has long become a favorite habitat for black and red cockroaches. The availability of a suitable diet contributes to their rapid reproduction. Arthropods, while in contact with products, can cause unpleasant consequences. For clients – it is a real opportunity to get serious poisoning, infection. The very kind of presence of “life” at the place of food preparation becomes unpleasant.

The destruction of cockroaches in dining rooms makes it possible to carry out an effective set of measures to get rid of insects. The cold fog method is able to immediately destroy the entire population of the mustache together with future offspring. They hide anywhere, so it ‘s useless to do the parasite elimination on your own. You need to spend your strength, money and nerves on it. “Dis-man” disinfectors are immediately oriented indoors and identify the main sites of infection.

Destruction of bedbugs in dining rooms

Unlike cockroaches, bedbags cannot be treated with cold fog. Another technique used for these pests is dry heat. Under the influence of high temperature parasites immediately die, and the possibility to penetrate into all tricks allows to completely defuse blood.

Destruction of bedbugs in dining rooms is carried out using special preparations based on cepyrmethrin, organophosphorus elements. Selected dosage corresponds to infection level, room area. Bedbugs are inhabitants not only of private housing, but also of other objects. The presence of favorable conditions in the dining room – food, containers, heat, people allows the spread of pests and in such an organization disinfection from bedbugs is necessary first of all.

The Dis-man dissection service pays special attention to the safety of clients. Only certified products, absolutely harmless for humans and animals, are used in the work.