Disinfection of insects in a cafe

The appearance of parasites in the kitchen of catering establishments is not uncommon. The presence of food, water, heat contributes to the fact that pests begin to actively attack premises, kitchens, halls. At the same time, sanitary conditions of work and customer service are not only violated, but there is also a risk for visitors themselves who are at risk of poisoning. The employees of Dis-man know well how important the reputation of such organizations is.

To order insect disinfection in a cafe, just make a call or use the order form, and the disinfector will hold events at any convenient time, while there is no need to completely close the institution. Before completing the work, a thorough analysis of the entire territory of the cafe is carried out, the main places-nurseries are determined. Thus, specialists can effectively baize with modern drugs and equipment. The technology of cold and hot fog are new types of persecution of insects of different species.

Cockroach disinfection in a cafe

Open verandas, the free entry of people, the presence of food waste, and garbage collection in cafes lead to the fact that sooner or later parasites begin to appear. Cockroaches are the most common pests attacking catering. The red “neighbors” breed very quickly, so if you miss the moment the first insects appear, you can start the situation. As a result, entire colonies are formed, which will not only appear in the kitchen, but also in the common room.

Naturally, the reputation of such a cafe will be immediately damaged. Cockroach disinfection in a cafe can be carried out using a cold fog generator. This type of treatment allows you to process a large area in just a few hours, penetrate the funds into deep gaps, which conventional aerosols will not get to. Moreover, in the use of pest control only highly effective poisons that immediately destroy cockroaches. They have already developed immunity to most popular drugs.

Disinfection from bedbugs in a cafe

In the warm period, cafes can become infected with insects such as bugs, ticks. Bedbugs enter the premises along with the brought packaging, packaging, furniture, especially not new. Subsequently, in the kitchen, in the hall, sanitation is violated. Parasites become carriers of serious infections and diseases. In order to disinfect bugs in a cafe and permanently get rid of this problem, it is necessary to entrust the work only to professional specialists.

Disinfestation service “Dis-man” carries out fast, high-quality processing of the kitchen, the hall for visitors, other premises of the cafe, where bugs and other types of parasites can get. Modern technologies, new types of control agents based on organophosphorus components quickly relieve cafes of unwanted “neighbors”.