Disinfection of insects in the dining room

Insects in the kitchen – this is a common phenomenon, which employees, heads of organizations are tired of fighting. A favorable environment contributes to the fact that pests begin to multiply actively, infect food, spoil food, and leave excrement of vital activity. And the unpleasant smell immediately indicates the presence of unwanted “guests”. In this case, there is one proven method – disinfection of insects in dining rooms with modern means.

The procedure is performed only by qualified specialists who know where to look for parasites, how to use generators, and which drugs to use. Disinfestation service “Dis-man” cleanse any dining room from insects and permanently rid the organization of their appearance. As additional funds, powders, gels, solutions, traps can be used. Such measures are necessary so that if a population reappears, they are immediately destroyed.

Disinfection of cockroaches in the dining room

In the kitchen, in the hall where visitors are accommodated, cockroaches can appear at any time on the transfer line. The consequences are inevitable:

  • Violation of sanitary standards;
  • Corrupted reputation of the institution;
  • The possibility of contracting dangerous diseases.

Only pest controllers with experience, knowledge and skills can work with pests. Disinfection from cockroaches in the canteens by a cold fog generator is necessary in order to completely clean the room, process hard-to-reach places, penetrate into cracks, cracks. The technique using dangerous poisons allows you to get rid of insects in a few hours.

Means are safe for humans, products. Spraying is carried out in such a way that no traces remain on the surface, and toxic substances do not penetrate the composition of existing products.

Disinfection of bedbugs in canteens

The appearance of bugs in the dining room for some heads of catering establishments is considered impossible. But, these parasites are able to penetrate all kinds of cracks, baseboards, clothing, containers, furniture. In addition, a large flow of visitors can also cause infection. It is impossible to etch insects on their own. Rapid reproduction, population growth leads to mass colony.

In this case, there is only one option – disinfection from bedbugs in the canteens by Dis-Man. The service has new equipment, modern drugs, organophosphorus compounds that immediately destroy parasites. Entrepreneurs must comply with the sanitary conditions of the premises in order to provide quality and safe services. Otherwise, it can lead to mass poisoning.