Disinsection from insects in cafe

Institutions of a public catering have to adhere to the main requirements, norms of sanitary and hygienic conditions. The quality of services, compliance cooking will depend on them. Emergence of insects in cafe can lead to damage of products and violation of sanitary standards. Disinsection of insects in cafe is the most effective way of elimination of emergence of undesirable “living creatures”.

The special chemical medicines used Dis-man allow to hold necessary events for removal of different types of insects. Advantages of such services are indisputable:

  • Disposal of wreckers at which there is no probability of their repeated emergence;
  • Application of the means safe for people, products;
  • Fast performance of disinsection without the need to close production.

Modern technologies of hot and cold fog give a unique opportunity will get rid of cockroaches, rodents, bugs in the most hard-to-reach spots.

Disinsection of cockroaches in cafe

Nonprofessional processing bears in itself a certain risk that parasites appear again over time. That factor is the reason that the inexperienced person can’t define the main centers of their dwelling. Cockroaches very quickly breed, besides the dexterity allows to escape usual aerosol, powder means of fight quickly.

Disinsection of cockroaches is carried out to cafe by method spraying of special poisons in the generator of cold fog. Such way completely neutralizes nests nurseries. Disinsectors before performance of work estimate contamination level to define a necessary dosage of medicines. As additional methods processing of places of possible appearance of cockroaches is carried out by gels, powders, pastes. These types of medicines are safe for the person therefore to be afraid for employees of cafe, don’t cost visitors.

Disinsection of bugs in cafe

Bugs are the most dangerous insects who not only lead to damage of products, but can become serious sources of diseases, infections. The feature of removal of insects is that to usual aerosols, medicines they developed immunity therefore independent processing won’t yield the results.

Disinsection of bugs in cafe is carried out by technology of hot fog. High-temperature influence destroys wreckers together with posterity at once. Population of these parasites develops very quickly therefore it isn’t necessary to delay with their removal. Besides, considering specifics of activity, such consequences can lead to suspension of operations of cafe.

Yours faithfully service of disinsection Dis-Mang.