Disinsection from insects in dining rooms

The dining room – the organization of public catering, to which especially severe conditions of respect for sanitary standards and rules. Available and tasty food is popular among many people who got used to come for lunch into eatery and to have a bite fast. But, whether always the quality of dishes corresponds to quality of safety of products, conditions of their preparation. Many write off an inadequate state for low cost of the menu, but it not justification.

Availability of dirt, insects, garbage in big congestions can cause poisoning, infectious diseases in visitors. To warn the enterprise against such outcome, disinsection of insects in dining rooms has to be carried out in due time. It can be planned or unplanned. If parasites suddenly captivated kitchen, it is necessary to carry out destruction immediately.

Disinsection of cockroaches in dining rooms

Black and red cockroaches – the most often meeting guests of the dining room. Abundance of products, food, water allow to find secluded the town and to wholly enjoy “ideal life”. Nests can be equipped across all territory of an object, and cockroaches will quickly breed.

Harm from such wreckers is obvious:

  • Violation of sanitary standards of activity of the organization;
  • Damage of products, food;
  • Giving of dishes in which these arthropods hid is possible;
  • Infection with dangerous diseases.

Disinsection of cockroaches in dining rooms is carried out by a technique of cold fog which any man with a big mustache won’t resist. Complete elimination of possible places nurseries is guaranteed by use of modern poisons against which cockroaches can’t survive.

Disinsection of bugs in dining rooms

Most of people think that bugs can will lodge only in apartments. These parasites perfectly grow roots in cozy, warm eateries where there are always many people. Such habitat is favorable climate for their population. Disinsection of bugs in dining rooms is carried out by dry heat. In difference from cockroaches cold fog on them is passive.

High temperature of the sprayed toxic means allows to reach to the most secluded places where other medicines will simply not get. Specialists of service “Dis-man” after assessment of a condition of the room define the most dangerous centers – cracks, a plinth, a container. Depending on danger and quantity of insects the necessary dosage is selected.

Medicines are dangerous only to wreckers. For food, workers and visitors they are safe. Very important point is this factor as in the dining room a large number of food, vegetables, grain, fruit. Hit of the harmful chemical compositions can become danger to visitors and the employees.

Yours faithfully service of disinsection Dis-Mang.