Disinsection from insects

Appearance of small insects indoors has negative consequences. Bugs do harm to foodstuff, wooden furniture to fabrics. The colonial congestions which were located in a mechanism cavity break or prevent operation of the equipment. Except unpleasant impressions, settlers are hazardous to health of the person. There are types transferring inoculable infections. For restoration of sanitary and hygienic norms it is necessary to carry out specialized disinsection from insects for disinfecting of an object. The package of measures of service of disinsection of Dis-man will allow for a long time will get rid of parasites.

For simplification to users disinsection from bugs and disinsection from cockroaches we made separate articles.

Means for disinsection of insects

Professionals carefully select chemical for persecution of insects. The species of bugs, a processing zone, extent of defeat is considered. Food productions, table, municipal the building demand use of means, less harmful to the person. I distinguish tens of types of insecticides: organochlorine, fosfororganichesky, carbamates, fenilpirazola, pyrethrins, drill. Penetration through skin and airways, defiant poisoning is peculiar to medicines. Works are carried out strictly in a respirator, protective clothes.

Disinsection from ants

Ants can breed and hide quickly in small cracks therefore to get rid of “neighbors” independently difficult. Disinsection from ants is carried out by an aerosol method. The efficiency of cold and hot fog is proved, the chemistry is sprayed dispersno and gazoobrazno. The procedure comes to an end with preventive actions.

Disinsection from midges

Fight against midges frequent problem of residents of the house or owners of grain warehouses. Little “pets” spoil products, bite. Completely to remove midges it is necessary to find the place of reproduction and to execute spraying. On the closed objects it is necessary to remove the power supply (garbage, bits, the decaying vegetables and fruit). Processing of the open territory demands the aggressive medicines sprayed by a spray.

Disinsection from bugs

Painting or lubricant of wooden objects otpugivatel will help to prevent appearance of wreckers. Good ventilation will exclude a congestion of the moisture which is positively influencing development of larvae. Cockroaches, Prussians, grinders, a flour bug I give an inconvenience, and have infections. In the started situations it is better to address a sanepidsluzhba. The modern equipment and insecticides guarantee quality of disinfecting.

Disinsection from mosquitoes

Mosquito stings cause an itch, reddening, a tumor up to strong allergic reaction. Some types carry dangerous diseases, for example, malaria. Rest with maintenance doesn’t bring pleasure. Standard repellents have short action. Professional cleaning of reservoirs, cellars, seasonal dachas, will prevent repeated appearance of bloodsuckers.

Disinsection from wasps

Approach of summer is followed by nesting of wasps and hornets. Construction often happens near the person that dangerously aggressive reaction of the flying cohabitants. Stings are life-threatening, is strictly forbidden to force down a beehive. It is authorized to bring wasps only SES by strict safety rules.

Disinsection from spiders

Weaving of a web not the most terrible harm from spiders, there are poisonous subtypes: South Russian tarantula, каракурт, garden spider. Helitsera, crude from the putrefactive remains are also dangerous by infection. Cylinders with aerosols are ineffective as creeping beings greatly hide. It is more qualitative to apply disperse systems.

Disinsection from ground beetles

Before processing of the territory a populated ground beetle, it is necessary to make sure that the look isn’t included in the Red List. The most part is absolutely harmless. Harmful insects are destroyed before maturing of grain. As prevention in food points of storage serves humidity control of air and purity.

Disinsection from crickets

The uninvited guest is glad will regale on master’s products and to start singing lingeringly. The night peep irritates nervous system, prevents to sleep. If in the house it is warm and full to expel a cricket it won’t turn out. Under the threat the materials made of a tree. “Singers” can be brought in the greenhouse, a kitchen garden, the car, the apartment. Application of an adhesive tape, household toxic chemicals on the open spaces is useless, to be necessary friable dispersion of strong insecticides.

Disinsection from book a louse (louses)

Copeognatha is capable to lay 40 eggs for one fertilization, the term of life of an individual is one year. Inhabitants it is capable to exist long without food. Paste main diet of a senoyed. Mucous deposits on surfaces can provoke an allergy. The technique of small spraying of chemicals helps to eliminate colonies quickly.

Disinsection from a carpet tick

The dust congestion is the main reason of emergence to avoid defeat of the room by wreckers, it is regularly necessary to air, vacuum. Down products are frozen or exposed to ultra-violet influence. If prevention doesn’t bring results, processing is carried out by toxic chemicals.

Disinsection from a clothes moth

The insect bears danger just for decoration, furs, fabrics, flour and grain. Aromatic otpugivatel often don’t work, fight against the wrecker passes to specialists in disinsection. Initially, the nest and sensitivity of the inhabitant to repellents comes to light. Each corner and a crack of the apartment is sprayed, the European medicines are safe after airing.

Disinsection from wood lice

Ravnonogiye will be occupied by places of high humidity: bathtub, cellar, bathroom. Household means of fight against a wood louse don’t exist. White traps are capable to reduce quantity of population by 35%. SES will be able fully to save from the ravnonogikh.

Disinsection from a serebryanka (cheshuyniyets)

Emergence of blue wingless will provide damage of clothes, food, soap, shampoos. To leave a problem unnoticed, to mean to prolong reproduction of larvae. There are traps, folk remedies. The maximum benefit will be brought by disinfecting by cold fog.

Disinsection from flycatchers

The centipede tries to get into the house with the onset of cold weather, troubles especially esthetic, seldom the sting causes giperergichesky reaction. It is possible to remove a flycatcher boric acid, hot pepper, a household poison. Services of an epidsluzhba are required in the started cases.

Yours faithfully service of disinsection Dis-Mang.