Disinsection of rooms from insects

Insects carry dangerous infections, many of them are bloodsuckers. They also spoil interior elements from natural materials and products, leave marks and a smell. Disinsection of insects in rooms always begins with search of the hidden centers of their reproduction. Quite often revealed sources of infection can’t be eliminated with them – as shops, the food enterprises for the neighbourhood or refuse chutes. For single destruction of nests of insects generators of cold fog are used. On a long-term basis traps and the otpugivatel effective against concrete types are established.

Disinsection of rooms from cockroaches

Disinsection of rooms from cockroaches is complicated by their year-round reproduction. For processing it is better for area to prepare previously:

  • To remove food and plants;
  • To displace furniture and the equipment so that disinsectors had an access to plinths and corners;
  • To seal cracks in a ceiling, walls and a floor (especially about sockets and struts of heating, water supply).

The efficiency of generators of cold fog when processing narrow cracks and stoves is a little reduced. Therefore on invisible and inaccessible with pets of a surface it is recommended to children in addition

Disinsection of rooms from bugs

Disinsection of rooms from bugs begins high temperature with processing of the centers of their nesting. Our technique of the choice for total processing – dry heat. Bed linen and clothes it is also possible to boil down or dry, process boiled water or steam all bed and wall-paper. The first in the list of the insecticides put after heat treatment pyrethroids appear.