Harassing insects in cabins

Temporary housing has simplified construction, but complicated “relations” with insects. It is easier for them to get inside houses and cabins or change houses than to enter the apartment of a multi-storey house, separated from the environment by thick capital walls, and from the soil – by several meters of height (basement plus lower floors).

Dis-man specialists recommend to contact the dissection service with the problem of contamination of temporary dwellings as soon as possible. The harassment of insects in bulls is complicated by the fact that their human inhabitants often visit neighbouring premises, share many household items with each other. These things become agents of the spread of larvae and adults, and the tightness of the partitions between the rooms is far from ideal.

Therefore, after a matter of days, it will be necessary to process twice the area. And the harassment of insects in the warehouse, if they occupy it as well, can be complicated:

  • Storage load and abundance of settlement-friendly nesting areas (pallets, boxes);
  • It is impossible to process its contents in general (food products) or qualitatively (when stacking, pallets).

Harassment of cockroaches in change houses or cabins

Cockroaches are able to settle with “comfort” everywhere where they lack the remains of human food and water. These are night insects with a well-developed sense of danger. Independent harassment of cockroaches change houses or cabins is problematic due to the abundance of their nests and narrow slits inaccessible to chemical assets.

Specialists of the disinsection service “Dis-man” advise to use professional equipment – cold fog generators (fine sprayers) from cockroaches. The suspension they create penetrates even the most tame corners. In order to prepare the premises for the procedure, the persons who inhabit them should:

  • To carry out cleaning;
  • Move the furniture away from the walls;
  • Take out dishes, clothes, food and electrical appliances.

Cockroaches are very common, and soon after their removal one of the inhabitants of the household will probably bring them again from the house. Therefore, when preventing relapses, our company recommends placing stationary lures and traps in the corners of the room, under the furniture and on its rear wall. “Dis-man” disinfectors will certainly find the ideal solution for these conditions from the range provided by our service.

Harassment of bedbugs in change houses or cabins

The usual furniture for temporary housing is optimal for the appearance of bedbugs, often falls into the bull already with them. Ideally, it should be subjected to boiling water treatment and hot air drying before installation and annually during use. And harassment of bedbugs in change houses or cabins when complaining about their bites is carried out by our specialists with the help of:

  • Piretroidov;
  • Fosforoorganiki;
  • Carboamine acid.