Harming insects in restaurants

Sanitation in catering facilities is a basic requirement. The supervisory authorities carefully ensure that restaurants operate in appropriate conditions. In addition to periodic inspections, management constantly monitors sanitation compliance. The main cause of the alarm call may be the appearance of harmful insects in the premises. These parasites can not only ruin products, but also harm employees, visitors. Arthropods are the carriers of infections, and in general catering this leads to mass poisoning.

The harassment of insects in restaurants is carried out by Dis-Man Company taking into account the peculiarities of the activity of the institution. Initially, employees determine the level of contamination, identify the main centers of accumulation, look for cracks by which insects enter the restaurant. The main task of the work carried out is to protect employees, clients from possible risks, to preserve the reputation of the business.

Pickling cockroaches in restaurants

Behind the sinks, under the refrigerators you can often meet running cockroaches. These red “neighbors” deliver a lot of negative consequences, violate sanitary conditions, lead to spoilage of food products. In order to rub these parasites, employees try to install primitive traps on their own, spray aerosols that can cause irritation, allergy. In addition, unsafe drugs affect the composition of the products, which eventually leads to food contamination.

Such measures are only temporary disposal of parasites. A few days later, they reappear, and breed even larger colonies. Pickling cockroaches in restaurants should not be a one-off. In addition to cold fog generators, disinfectors use additional means in the form of powders, gels, pastes. In the use of specialists only certified drugs, safe for people, products.

Harassment of bedbugs in restaurants

In addition to cockroaches, co-parents can appear in the restaurant. Bedbugs become even bigger pests as they cause harm directly to humans. Bloodpods can spread an infection that leads to mass poisoning. Harmful fauna can be overcome only by effective measures with the use of new drugs. Cipermethrin and other components allow insects to be defused immediately, preventing their re-emergence.

The harassment of bedbugs in restaurants from the Dis-man dissection service is a reliable option to return the institution to proper sanitation conditions.