Harming insects in the house

Private houses have always become the main focus of reproduction and population of different insect species. The presence of food, favorable conditions for parasites becomes the main cause of breeding rodents, cockroaches, mice, mites, etc. Timely harassment of insects in the house prevents their further spread.

An important part of the disinsection measures is the treatment of the premises with special means. Independent destruction measures will not succeed, as insects have well-developed immunity to common sprays, chemicals. More effective methods are needed here. Modern cold and hot fog technology will quickly etch insects in any type of room. And that drugs are absolutely safe for children, people, animals.

Harassment of cockroaches in the house

Among the various services to destroy cockroaches it is worth choosing only proven and reliable. The company “Dis-man” offers a full range of services for the disinfection of red suckers. Special equipment and drugs are used to process the premises of private houses. Harassment of cockroaches in the house is carried out in case of detection of the first signs of appearance of these parasites.

The house is the main location of localization, as there is suitable food for them, availability of food. In order to permanently get rid of cockroaches, it is necessary to process all the centers of their habitat. The cold fog method involves aerosol spraying of the chemical, which gets to the most difficult places to reach. Conventional means cannot get into the slits, cracks to get insects out of there that hide carefully.

The effect is visible immediately after processing. In order to eliminate the possibility of repeated appearance of parasites, it is also necessary to additionally treat localisation sites with gel, powder, solution.

Harassment of bedbugs in the house

Bedbugs are particularly dangerous bloodbeds living in beds, mattresses, clothes, furniture. The private house has all the conditions for the emergence and population of these insect species. The harassment of bedbugs in the house is based on the use of the following drugs:

  • λ-цигалотрин;
  • Tsipermetrin;
  • δ-метрин.

Each of these substances is safe for the life and health of the person and other inhabitants of the house. The professional processing performed by Dis Man specialists is a unique service. Effective technology will forever rid the house of undesirable “guests,” unpleasant smells, traces of their habitat.