Harming insects in warehouses

Storage of food, raw materials, containers, waste, tools threatens to appear in the insect warehouse. These unknown “guests” not only bring discomfort and unpleasant situation on the site, but can also become a global threat to the safety of products. The independent struggle will not yield positive results for the following reasons:

  • Insects have resistance to conventional mass sale;
  • The large area does not allow to effectively process all possible centers of their existence;
  • This will take a significant period of time when storage becomes impossible.

Insect etching in warehouses should be carried out only by a professional method of treatment. The disinsection service “Dis-man” offers its clients high-tech treatment, at which the effect is guaranteed.

Harassment of cockroaches in warehouses

The warehouse is a source of food, garbage, waste. This sphere is an attractive place for the appearance of cockroaches. Many are trying to resort to popular ways to harass them. But is it real to etch insects in such territory? Of course, no. Only generators of steam and cold fog are able to process the whole site, cover places of their localization, centers in which they are able to escape skillfully.

Pickling of cockroaches in warehouses is carried out with the use of new types of poisons. As is known, parasites already become invulnerable to some elements, so experts initially check the territory, estimate the level of population. Depending on the results obtained, the severity and risk of infection are determined.

Harassment of bedbugs in warehouses

Many face the problem of the appearance of bedbugs not only at home, but also in warehouses. You can fight them, but it ‘s hard enough. By ordering a service from Dis-man, customers gain confidence in the complete disappearance of these pests. For warehouses, hygiene and sanitation are the main requirements for the condition of the facility. Therefore, the etching of bedbags in warehouses is carried out using cipermethrin, δ-methrin and other effective compounds.

In disregard of sanitary and epidemiological conditions, enterprises may be on the verge of closing the enterprise. It is unacceptable to allow products for mass use, consumption and sale. Monitoring the condition status becomes an initial task. Only complex etching, treatment of breeding sites with powders, traps, gels can permanently eliminate the appearance of insects.