Killing insects in restaurants

Restaurants are a catering area where there is a special atmosphere of luxury, harmony, beautiful design. But even in fancy institutions there may be cockroaches, mice, arthropods, which become a serious threat to the activities of the organization. Owners should not neglect such an insect invasion, but immediately take urgent measures. Many start buying regular aerosols and powders in stores, putting traps.

As a result, parasites reappear in the kitchen, hall, or do not disappear at all a few days later. The whole thing is that over time they developed immunity to the popular means used by our grandparents. The destruction of insects in restaurants should be carried out exclusively by professional specialists who have experience, skills in the field. Modern toxic substances produce excellent results, while being absolutely safe for people.

Destruction of cockroaches in restaurants

In the kitchen, the appearance of cockroaches is not uncommon. In particular it concerns also restaurants where there is an abundance of food, products, prodzapas, waters. Such conditions in no way contribute better to the emergence of entire colonies, which are formed in just a few days. Preventive measures, periodic treatment or unscheduled destruction can be carried out to prevent redhead.

By entrusting the work to the Dis-man dissection service, you can be sure of the quality, reliability, safety of the treatment. The new technology will get rid of malicious parasites without their re-emergence. Cold fog generators have a unique ability to spray chemicals deep into formed slits, cracks, walls where conventional aerosol will not be able to penetrate. In some time all smells, components are weathered, and visitors will not even know that the room was processed.

Destroying bedbugs in restaurants

With the appearance of bedbugs many people faced in home conditions, apartments. These pests often enter restaurants through furniture, brought packagings, products. In order to warn the contact of employees, visitors with these arthropods, special means – neonicotinoids, organophosphorous compounds – should be used.

The destruction of bedbugs in restaurants makes it possible to quickly return to the regular mode of operation, preventing the possible closure of the institution. Sanitation in the visitor service room, in the kitchen is a mandatory requirement of activity. Dis-Man Service disinsectors will help get rid of parasites. A good dissection from the bedbugs will preserve your impeccable reputation.