Sanepidemstantion (SES) of SAD

санэпидемстанция (сзс) юао

The Dis-man service is a sanepidematation of UAO Moscow, which is engaged in the destruction of insects in private and commercial premises. Safe conditions, observance of sanitary standards – the main requirement for the environment of the person.

It is most problematic to bring out cockroaches that constantly penetrate apartment buildings in search of a favorable habitat. The availability of water and food benefits rapid population reproduction. The destruction of cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow using modern technologies and equipment quickly solves the problem of life. Timely disinfection stops the spread of pests throughout the premises, creating comfortable living conditions.

Advantages of services of disinsection

The service offers several types of services to destroy, etch insects in objects of different area, purpose. Treatment from cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow is carried out by the latest innovations of methods in this sphere – cold and hot fog.

The destruction process has undeniable advantages for clients:

  • Expeditious processing;
  • Use of safe and healthy means of destruction;
  • Instant death of parasites;
  • High efficiency;
  • Available cost.

The use of cold and hot fog generators allows insecticides to penetrate deep into various slits, cracks in walls, floor, plinths. In this way, not only adult insects are destroyed, but also their offspring. The whole process does not violate the normal regime of human life, after an hour of ventilation it is possible to enter the room freely.

Disinfectors are excellent in any facility where treatment is required. They quickly define habitats, urgent measures are carried out to neutralize them. Barrier protection is also used as a preventive method of control to prevent the re-emergence of colonies.

Professional dissection: fast and high-quality

If you need the services of SES UAO Moscow, then be sure to contact the Dis-man service by phone or leave an application on the website. Effective harassment of cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow with an individual approach to each order will allow to remove pests in any room, commercial or private. The available prices for services are another factor in the choice of dissection service.