Sanepidemstantion (SES) of the Western AD

санэпидемстанция (сзс) зао

In the fight against insects, it is better to entrust this case to professionals. The Dis-Man dissection service will carry out complete extermination of life in any facility, commercial or residential. Parasites are a direct threat to human life, being the distributors of serious infections and diseases.

The destruction of cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow by professional disinfectors is 100% confidence in the guaranteed result. The procedure should be carried out without harm to the health of people, children, animals, in the absence of unpleasant smells, vapours.

Modern processing tools and methods

The SES service of ZAO Moscow provides a complex of services on disinsection. Insect invasion for residents of the city is a common problem. Emergency specialist assistance is needed to prevent the disruption of sanitation conditions. Treatment from cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow is carried out exclusively using safe means.

Insecticides contain chemicals from which pests immediately die and with them progeny. The specialized SES service has the necessary equipment, drugs capable of destroying an entire population of cockroaches or bedbags after one procedure. Generators spray components that penetrate rapidly throughout the room. Further treatment with barrier preparations in the form of fines, gels, powders is carried out. Such measures prevent possible contamination of the object.

In wrestling, only highly effective disinfection agents are used. This is necessary to achieve maximum effect in the shortest possible time, without any discomfort for people. The service maintains a loyal price policy on services, making them more sought-after and popular. At the same time, each client receives a guarantee for a positive result.

SES – effective insect control

The Dis-man disinsection service offers a variety of services. Harassment of cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow is carried out at any time convenient for the client. Specialists process the received applications by phone and on the website, after which the disinfectors travel to the address in the region.

Employees will save customers from any problem, eliminate unpleasant smell, unsanitary, arising when life appears. Red suckers and bedbugs will forever forget the way to your home.