Disinsection from insects in warehouses

The enterprises specializing in production of food, the food industry have warehouses in the structure. Big on room space often are exposed to invasion of insects who break working hours of the organization. According to the current legislation there are certain norms of carrying out planned disinsection. But in emergency situations it can do it is required and earlier. Disinsection of insects in warehouses prevents violation of sanitary and hygienic norms, storage conditions of products.

Before performance of work specialists of the Dis-man company carry out a careful inspection of all room, proceeding from scale of a warehouse. To define the main centers of infection and dwelling of insects it will be difficult. An integrated approach of performance of actions cleans, neutralizes an object from undesirable guests.

Disinsection of cockroaches in warehouses

The most dangerous group of parasites for a warehouse are cockroaches. These arthropods quickly define sources of storage of products, breaking usual working hours of the enterprise. If to try to pickle independently insects, but it is necessary to be ready to cleaning of a warehouse from traces of their activity, carrying out antibacterial cleaning, sterilization of a warehouse.

Disinsection of cockroaches in warehouses with the help of technology of cold fog allows quickly and will effectively get rid of parasites, at the same time without affecting quality of products of storage. Emergence of traces of population of cockroaches can become the reason of infection of products as they are carriers of infections and diseases. The sanitation of such room becomes the main priority for the head. Therefore it is worth addressing for professional services of disinfection of the area at once.

Disinsection of bugs in warehouses

Non-compliance with sanitary standards, deterioration in ecology leads to periodic appearance of insects indoors. Bugs also enter this category. As the staff works at warehouses, there is some furniture, especially not a new state, sites become the first objects of infection. Disinsection of bugs in warehouses will bring space to the normal working condition, will ensure safety and integrity of products. Heads of the enterprises have to react to the first signs of emergence of bugs in due time.

It is possible to process such huge warehouse spaces only by means of the special equipment and chemicals. The used generator of cold and hot fog gets into the most hard-to-reach spots, is safe for people and products. The staff of service of disinsection of Dis-man will always come to the rescue of clients who faced a problem of appearance of insects.