Disinsection in change houses from insects

Cars and lodges change houses differ from capital buildings in thin walls, lack of auxiliary space – as cellars, attics, gaps between an external and internal wall. On the one hand, such simplified design facilitates an insect penetration inside. With another, it is much simpler to clear of them a temporary accommodation, than constant.

In change houses arthropods “guests” are got and extend quicker, their specific variety is broader, than in houses and apartments. And concern to the people living there they deliver to a thicket. It concerns also warehouse, more difficult in terms of architecture.

Disinsection of insects in change houses – the simplest of procedures as in them you won’t meet architectural “surprises” like struts and emptiness in a wall. It is easier to clean them from residues of toxins too (small dimensions, compact life).

And here over warehouses usually there is an attic, mines of ventilation and heating are equipped. And the products which are stored there usually should be unloaded and processed previously separately, taking into account requirements to safety of its further use. Therefore disinsection of insects in stock demands more thorough training.

Disinsection from cockroaches in change houses

Even at the design features of change houses simplifying work it is necessary to consider that:

  • Their inhabitants are less inclined to keep purity and order, than in constant housing;
  • Change houses are often overpopulated;
  • The personal hygiene at the persons working in “field” conditions is observed not ideally too.

Disinsection from cockroaches in change houses by specialists of service “Dis-man” is most often carried out by generators of cold fog. They create a fine, steady suspension of toxic chemicals. The method is ideal in fight against cockroaches because of their ability to be hammered into the smallest cracks and to form multiple nests. All procedure occupies about half an hour, and in 1.5-2 hours of airing “residents” can come back.

The applied dispersants are deprived of a smell (that is useful taking into account narrowness of the room) and are safe for people/animals. But they can sometimes cause undesirable reactions in allergic persons and asthmatics. It is better to move such employees from the processed change house for 1-2 days.

Disinsection from bugs in change houses

Bed bugs willingly hide in beds, clothes and even boxes or furniture. Therefore disinsection in change houses can demand 2-3 processings from bugs in succession. Inhabitants of the room should take out and to independently scald clothes boiled water or to leave on a hard frost for 0.5-3 days. Our experts will carefully process all other utensils the fosforoorganichesky means which well proved in fight against bugs.