Hot fog

горячий туман горячий туман от тараканов горячий туман от клопов

Modern methods of processing the room to eliminate insects use innovative means and equipment. Processing of the apartment from bedbugs and cockroaches with hot fog operates on the principle of a regular kettle. Special liquid for fighting cockroaches and bedbags turns into steam and is sprayed throughout the room. Temperatures within 70 degrees effectively affect parasites, destroying their population.

High temperature steam is the best technique of all possible methods of disinsection. Domestic insects actively oppose common drugs that fail to cope with their rapid reproduction, leading to the spread of cockroaches and other pests throughout housing. Hot fog is able to penetrate deep into holes, slits, where the focus of habitat is most often concentrated. The main agent used is an insecticidal substance which releases elements harmless to humans. After treatment it is enough to ventilate the room for several hours and perform wet cleaning.

Hot fog from bedbugs
Among insect varieties, bedbugs penetrate into places and things with which humans have direct contact. These could be personal items, bed linen, furniture. Blood-sucking parasites are the spreads of serious infections and diseases that people are easily infected with. The destruction of the bedbugs takes place using the technology of this technology. Hot mist treatment from bedbugs has the following advantages:

Instant persecution;
High penetration capacity of insecticidal substance;
Penetration into hard-to-reach places in the room with absolute elimination of possible laying of eggs, larvae;
Safety for surrounding people and pets;
Lack of probability of territory re-contamination.
Hot fog from bedbugs should be carried out immediately after the first signs of their appearance. The amount of population increases very quickly, so not done timely processing leads to serious problems.

Hot fog from cockroaches
Cockroaches are the most frequent “guests” in apartment buildings. Sometimes people just get tired of fighting them and leave the situation on their own. The fact is that insects have already developed immunity with popular means from store shelves. Only efficient and efficient ways are needed here. The high activity of the insecticide microparticles has high activity penetrating into reliable pest shelters. Steam has a long period of action. If living parasites remain, the sending agent will be destructive to act on them. Destruction is carried out by Dis Man specialists who have the experience, knowledge and equipment for such services.

Treatment from cockroaches with hot fog performs etching not only of adult offspring, but also of their future population. Generators are characterized by high power and duration of action. Disinfectors initially assess the level of contamination, give recommendations for the preparation of the premises and begin direct treatment.

The procedure is carried out quickly, after which there are no harmful substances on furniture, things, surfaces. All components evaporate as steam penetrating the parasite clusters. By ordering a hot fog service, Dis-Man customers receive security confidence and a guarantee of a positive result. It is a modern, efficient, fast-acting way to get rid of insects in an apartment, house, commercial premises, warehouses and other facilities. The available cost of the procedure is another factor calling for the service to be ordered.