Sanepidemstantion (SES)

There are many dangers in the surrounding world that harm human health. Microbes, bacteria, insects wait not only on the streets, but also in their own accommodation. The task of monitoring the sanitary and epidemiological situation is entrusted to the specialists of SEA in Moscow.

Activity of Dis-man sanepidemestation in Moscow

Sanepidemstation in Moscow performs one of the important functions – insect control in objects of different purpose. The area of special attention is in the control of pests, which are actively distributed in residential premises. Harmful insects can not only enter human places of residence, but also harm them.

Услуги санэпидемстанции (СЭС) в МосквеList of districts where our service works:

Experienced disinfectors solve the tasks assigned to them as quickly and qualitatively as possible. For this purpose preventive, fighter work with the use of the latest equipment and drugs is intended. The most popular service among the population of Moscow is the destruction of cockroaches and bedbags, which constantly appear in apartments and private houses. The unique technology allows to penetrate hard-to-reach places, neutralizing insects and their offspring.

Overall performance of SES

Санэпидемстанция (СЭС) в Москве
The disinsection service has an organized structure, each with functions assigned to it. Customers who seek help receive a safe service, and treatment from cockroaches and bedbags is carried out by modern method – hot and cold fog. Thanks to the uniqueness of insecticides, which spread through the territory in the form of steam, you can quickly get rid of unwanted “guests” in your house. The procedure is carried out after the preparation of the premises and does not harm people, children, animals.

The Dis-Man Service disinfectors respond quickly to customers ‘appeals without delaying the processing process. In the fight against cockroaches and bedbags, it is unacceptable to delay processing, as their population is actively increasing. Timely harassment of cockroaches and bedbags, followed by preventive measures, completely destroys pests and prevents their re-emergence. Thanks to the availability of better equipment, efficient facilities and a qualified staff of disinsectors, the work is carried out quickly, safely, with an impeccable result. The affordable cost of services becomes an added benefit of choosing a service.