Sanepidemstation (SES) in EAD

санэпидемстанция (сзс) вао

The Dis-man service is a sanepidemestation of EAD Moscow, which specializes in ensuring safe living and working conditions in premises of various purposes. Disinfectors quickly carry out all necessary measures to safely carry out the destruction of cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow. This prevents insects from spreading further through the building or room, contributing to a better sanitary epidemiological setting in the district.

Professional services of experts

Insects cause great problems, diseases that are hard to fight. These pests are agents of viruses, they can ruin furniture, food. For the inhabitants of megacities, the invasion of parasites is a global crisis affecting the owners of private housing and commercial facilities and establishments. In order to prevent violation of sanitary and epidemiological conditions, preventive and decontaminating methods of insect control must be carried out in a timely manner.

Modern disinfection is an effective way against pests. Treatment from cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow is carried out using innovative technologies and methods. It is for this purpose applied:

  • Hot fog – spraying insecticides with a temperature of 70 degrees. It has a long-term effect and ability to penetrate hard-to-reach locations;
  • Cold fog – spraying of preparations is carried out at room temperature, after which parasites immediately die together with larvae;
    Barrier protection is treatment for preventive purposes to prevent insects from entering rooms.
  • Initially, preparation of the room is carried out, after which the disinfectors perform spraying of the fighting agents. At the end of the process it is enough to ventilate the room and do wet cleaning.

Benefits of choosing our service

Harassment of cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow is a responsible process, requiring certain knowledge, skills, experience, equipment. All this is available in SES in EAD Moscow. The Dis-Man dissection service guarantees a high result of insect decontamination work. Each customer of the region can seek help at any time and receive prompt services at an affordable price.

The professional approach individually will allow to take into account the peculiarities of contamination of the premises, to find the optimal option of complete destruction of the population of cockroaches or bedbags. You shouldn ‘t delay pest control. It is better to call the service immediately or leave an application on the site.