Destruction of insects in apartment buildings

Processing of residential objects in order to extract the insect population is carried out very often. As a hotbed for parasite habitation and reproduction, different types of pests often appear in apartments. For tenants it is fraught with the fact that the consequences can be the worst – diseases, infections, discomfort of living conditions.

In order to prevent such consequences, it is necessary to destroy insects in apartment buildings immediately at the first stages of the appearance of pests. Modern methods of processing premises, attic, cellars, garbage truck allow them to be removed immediately together with offspring. You only need to select a trusted performer, which is Dis-Man. Employees will initially evaluate the facility, determine the technology of wrestling and then only start carrying out events.

Destruction of cockroaches in apartment buildings

Cockroaches in apartments are more common than any other insect. They constantly move around the premises in search of comfortable living conditions. Most often you will meet them in the kitchen, where the usual “diet” for life is located. In order to effectively clean the structure in several floors it is necessary to carefully process each corner, object, stairwell, tiers, ventilation. If you bring out cockroaches in one apartment, and they are in the next apartment – there will be no result.

The destruction of cockroaches in apartment buildings is carried out by complex measures. In the process, the centers of their settlements, slits, cracks in which they like to hide are determined. The difficulty lies in the resistance of pests to many types of chemical agents. The constant struggle meant that they simply developed immunity. Therefore, cold fog technology using aggressive poison can surely destroy the inhabitants of the house.

Destruction of bedbugs in apartment buildings

For bedbugs, homes become the first hotbed of the population. Parasites settle in bed, mattresses, clothes. Due to direct contact of things and objects with a person, safe chemicals are used in carrying out harassment. High temperature treatment completely removes the entire population.

Depending on the number of bedbugs, employees select the necessary dosage, determine the main places of etching. Generators spray drugs that do not settle on furniture and housing surfaces. The destruction of bedbugs in apartment buildings shall be carried out in accordance with the requirements and standards in order not to harm the person and his property. The disinsection service from Dis-man bedbags guarantees customers 100% insect destruction.