Destruction of insects in cafes

The emergence of insects in catering facilities is a huge problem. This could lead to the closure of the organization, resulting in huge financial losses. The presence of parasites in the kitchen can harm products, employees, visitors, cause poisoning. The only way out of the situation is to destroy insects in the cafe. At the same time, that these measures are carried out exclusively by professional processing.

Using conventional aerosols in an independent struggle will lead to an even larger population. Only specialists who are well oriented in this field of services can find the main seat nests. Dissection is carried out periodically or unscheduled when insects appear in the establishment. Only in this way it is possible to create comfortable conditions for work and rest of visitors.

Destruction of cockroaches in cafes

The destruction of cockroaches in cafes is a complex set of measures on which the provision of sanitary and hygienic standards depends. Such a sphere is very favorable for the reproduction of cockroaches. The availability of food, water allows red “neighbors” to reproduce actively throughout the environment. At the first detection of insects it is not necessary to pull with their destruction, because they have already developed immunity to common components of drugs of wide use.

The measures should be applied immediately. After all, one insect in a few days can turn into a whole colony. A feature of the destruction of cockroaches from the company “Dis-man” is that modern equipment and special last generation are used. Cold fog technology allows you to penetrate the main centers where red and black suckers hide.

Destruction of bedbugs in cafes

Bedbugs are parasites that penetrate not only living quarters, but also catering organizations. The favorable atmosphere, the presence of containers, the constant flow of people lead to the fact that pests can appear in cafes at any moment. And this leads to a breakdown of sanitation, the unpleasant look of the bedbugs is immediately disgusted. The SES services have the right to close the establishment until the parasite is completely removed.

The destruction of bedbugs in cafes by Dis-man service disinsectors prevents possible risks to business. Timely measures, quickly destroy life, hot air penetrates into slits, cracks to which conventional means cannot reach.

Specialists prepare the room in advance, and the means are safe in their chemical composition for people, products.