Destruction of insects in the basement

The spread of insects in basements is common. Even in the cleanest, assembled premises there may be unspoiled guests. Then they start to get into apartments, infect products, spread diseases, infections. Preventing the invasion of such populations can be the only proven way – to call specialists. Independent wrestling is unlikely, which will give results. Various aerosols, sprays are no longer effective. Insects have developed immunity for these substances, and it will be problematic to independently process a large territory. This requires only special equipment. The destruction of insects in the basement by means of hot and cold fog generators makes it possible to obtain effective treatment. Spraying chemical components immediately destroys different types of insects that actively create entire colonies.

Destruction of cockroaches in the basement

Cockroaches in a special way like to live in residential premises, basements. For this purpose they have everything necessary – accumulation of garbage, food, water, damp. Such conditions have an extremely favourable effect on their reproduction. The presence of prussians in the basements of residential buildings threatens residents by the fact that parasites will begin to break into their housing. Therefore, it is important to maintain proper sanitary conditions, to carry out timely processing of the territory.

In the fight against cockroaches, only modern drugs, agents that can bring out the insect population, should be used. The destruction of cockroaches in the basement of the Dis-man service disinfectors is carried out using cold fog technology. Spraying substances in hard-to-reach places allows to get rid of life immediately. Slick cockroaches penetrate deep slits, making their etching difficult. Before carrying out the events specialists examine the room, find the main sites of infection. Complex treatment allows you to immediately eliminate unwanted pests.

Destruction of bedbugs in the basement

Bedbugs are dangerous bloodbeds who can cause people a lot of trouble. They breed their populations throughout the building, which could cause a mass invasion. These pests can only be combated by new generation poisons. Toxic substances are sprayed in all their habitats by dry heat. Disinsection from bedbags in this way becomes the most effective among all possible destruction options.

The destruction of bedbugs in the basement is carried out with the help of cipermethrin, carbamic acid. Once the treatment is enough to completely defuse the basement area and prevent the emergence of bedbugs again. The disinsection service “Dis-man” offers the best methods of wrestling, which are carried out by qualified employees.