Destruction of insects in warehouses

Warehouses become a breeding ground for many types of parasites. Storage of food, grain, vegetables presupposes the creation of favorable conditions for the population of cockroaches, rodents, bedbags and other life. Resistance to common insect control means does not allow destruction to take place on its own, especially given the large area of the object.

Here it is necessary only professional destruction of insects in warehouses. Treatment of the territory with special technology of cold or hot fog allows to penetrate to those places where insects hide cozy. Periodic processing of the warehouse prevents the possible appearance of cockroaches, rats. Sanitary and epidemiological conditions and requirements must be observed in such a facility. The quality and safety of products will depend on the proper condition of the product storage conditions. Therefore, business managers should pay special attention to the condition of the premises.

Destruction of cockroaches in warehouses

The destruction of cockroaches in warehouses begins with inspection and study of the site. An important point is the definition of the main habitats of parasites, the presence of slits, cracks through which they penetrate. The appearance of cockroaches on the territory of the warehouse threatens to damage the products, their unsuitable for consumption and sale. For the organization, these are significant losses that can lead to the closure of the warehouse by SEA employees.

In order to prevent extreme measures, it is necessary to immediately seek assistance from professional services. The Dis-Man dissection service uses modern species of poison to destroy cockroaches, against which parasites cannot fight their immunity. The availability of special cold air generators provides a unique opportunity to penetrate deep into the narrowest slits.

Destruction of bedbugs in warehouses

Bedbugs also find potential seating places in warehouses. These pests are vectors of serious diseases and infections. Living parasites on the territory of premises can cause a real epidemiological riot, from which it will be difficult to escape. Given the specifics of such an object, the destruction of bedbugs in warehouses is carried out using phenylpyrazole, neonicotinoid compounds. These types of preparations have an effective composition capable of controlling parasites and are suitable for carrying out disinsection from bedbags.

Employees will assess the condition of the premises, highlight the most dangerous areas, treat areas throughout the area, treat the main centers with additional means and traps. Comprehensive measures will prevent the possible appearance of bedbugs in the future.