Extermination of cockroaches

уничтожение таракановIf your house is filled with red dressings, call our employees without delay. They will arrive at the agreed time and find a method that will achieve the complete destruction of cockroaches at an affordable price. We will do everything necessary to clean your room of parasites that interfere with your daily life. Disinsection is the most effective way to deal with cockroach invasion.

Our service is engaged in the destruction of cockroaches in Moscow and the Moscow region. Our disinsector masters have excellent experience of work, they have already met with all difficulties in this sphere and will perform their work qualitatively and quickly.

The procedure is carried out in several steps, including:

  • Survey of the territory;
  • Selection of method and optimal preparations;
  • Spraying of selected facilities in rooms;
  • Preventive measures;
  • Consultation of the client;
  • Registration of a guarantee.

Destruction of cockroaches with guarantee

Our specialists use steam generators to spray insecticides. By contacting the insecticide, the insect is etched and infects other individuals. At short notice, all parasites, including their larvae, die.

Most often, the destruction of cockroaches in Moscow with a guarantee is carried out in our service with the help of cold fog or garden spray. In the case of cold fog, a sending composition having room temperature is sprayed. A powerful steam generator converts the insecticide into a thick vapor consisting of microscopic particles. For three hours, the insecticide veils in the air, filling everything around it. Slowly settling, the cloud curls all surfaces, including ceiling walls. Poisonous particles penetrate into the liquors behind the objects of the environment, cavities between the plintuses, under the peeled wallpaper and to other places to which access is difficult, where cockroaches usually live.

At the final stage of disinsection it is recommended to install barrier protection, which prevents return of cockroaches from neighboring apartments, ventilation system, garbage truck. This measure is applied for preventive purposes and for greater guarantee, it is used at the client ‘s request.

To order extermination of cockroaches

Customer feedback on the roach destruction procedure performed by our specialists is the best proof of the high quality of Dis-Man ‘s work. You can order the destruction of cockroaches, and you ‘re not worried about them coming again.