Insect destruction

The destruction of insects is an extremely difficult process. It is important to do this in such a way that insects not only completely disappear, but also do not return as long as possible. If you clean the house, you need to make sure the premises stay safe for people and pets. The effect of any drugs lasts no more than three months, after which it is necessary to maintain purity and take measures against the appearance of pests. But the most important thing is to choose the right means to control pest insects. The Dis-man disinsection service helps to do this and conducts the treatment in the safest way.

Insect Destruction Agents

Means of acute or prolonged action may be used to kill insects. The former act faster, but are more often harmful to the environment. The latter are used for long-term protection against insect pests. Tetramethrin, imidacloprid or chlorpyrifos-based insecticides are most commonly used. Such insect killing agents are produced in the form of sprays, gels, emulsions, powders, capsules and other forms suitable for use. They do not pose a danger to pets and people in the apartment.

Destruction of ants

From ants, microcapsules, emulsions or gel are commonly used. Insects stick the drug with poison on their paws and bring it to the ant, infecting relatives. Diazinone-based drugs such as “Ant” are most commonly used to kill ants.

Destruction of midges

They prefer to get rid of the scrotum by popular means, they do not destroy the scrotum, but scare them away. If there are too many insects. They are used in light traps, fumigators, sprays and aerosols with agents that destroy insects. Insecticides such as Thunder-2 can be mixed into the soil.

Extermination of bugs

Insecticides for the eradication of bugs are important to select according to the kind of beetle and the place of use. Liquid preparations may be sprayed with an aerosol or smeared over the surface of the wood. Poison is often used against the beetles, which is placed inside the wood and closed with a wax plug. Such a method makes insecticides safe for humans.

Destruction of mosquitoes

Mosquito destruction drugs are called fumigators. Unlike repellents who hide the presence of humans, they destroy insects. Most commonly used are preparations in the form of a liquid evaporated by heating or a spiral impregnated with a special solution. The latter option is more dangerous and can lead to fire if left unattended.

Extermination of wasps

Sprays, aerosols, powders and gels may be used against the wasps. Aerosols and sprays usually treat nests of wasps. Gels and powders are used as bait. They act on the same principle as poison for ants or cockroaches – insects bring them to the moat and infect relatives.

Extermination of spiders

Spider destruction is generally resorted to in the absence of insects pests that they could fight. This allows you to get rid of the web and keep the rooms clean. Spider drugs are most often based on cipermethrin, imiprotrin and other components.

Extermination of ground beetles

Universal insecticides or the simplest methods of destruction, such as boric acid, are most commonly used against buzzers. This agent kills almost all insects, and the buzzer responds perfectly to bait.

Extermination of crickets

If there are too many crickets in the apartment and they cause discomfort, they resort to chemical means. Generally, the same agents are used as for the etching of cockroaches. These may be gel baits or Dichlofos-based sprays. Insecticides in powder form are also suitable.

Destruction of book voch (lice)

Popular methods are most often used against book lice. The insect does not withstand high and low temperatures, so warming or taking books to frost allows you to get rid of them. Wet chemicals or hot mist are used in complex cases.

Extermination of a carpet tick

The carpet tick can be disposed of by careful cleaning, but if it is necessary to destroy it as soon as possible, chemical agents can be used. Sprays from the carpet tick act in contact, they not only destroy pests, but also eliminate the products of their life.

Extermination of a clothes moth

Fumigators, aerosols, traps, spray solutions may be used against the platen mole. They destroy not only adult insects, but also larvae at any stage of development.

Destruction of wood lice

Although mocrians do not belong to insects, they can be equally difficult to control. The same agents are used against these crustaceans as help in the destruction of insects: aerosols with insecticidal preparations, insecticide concentrates for the preparation of solution, sticks, fines, sticky traps.

Destruction of a serebryanka (cheshuyniyets)

In the fight against flake, a drug called cipermetrin is most often used. It is used in liquid form. The emulsion based on the preparation is used to treat doors, plinths and cracks in the floor.

Destruction of flycatchers

For safe disposal of flies, usually the same agents are used to help cope with cockroaches, sprays or fines. It is necessary to apply chemistry against these insects carefully.