Killing insects in stores

In the shortest possible time, the destruction of insects in stores can be carried out only with the help of special processing of premises. Compliance with sanitary standards, support of the proper type of institution form a reputation on which the success of the business depends. The Dis-Man Service ‘s disinfectors know perfectly well how important it is to get rid of unwanted “life” quickly so that it is invisible to customers.

Thanks to high-performance drugs, operational work of specialists, activities are carried out in convenient time, without harm to the working process. The emergence of the first signs of insect population should immediately alert employees and owners. Timely treatment measures will eliminate pests, which are also the carriers of serious infections and diseases. After spraying the poison with cold and hot fog, the re-appearance of parasites is excluded.

Destruction of cockroaches in shops

Food products are threatened by microorganisms, arthropods, which always attack such establishments. The destruction of cockroaches in shops is a very demanded service, as these parasites constantly appear where the habitat is favorable. Red suckers always give an unpleasant appearance, can appear among products on windows, move on the floor, shelves.

For the store this becomes a threat to reputation, because customers will immediately refuse such goods. But, for today, it ‘s not a problem. In just a few hours, Dis-man service disinsectors are able to bring out any amount of population. The cold fog generator sprays poison throughout, and the main seedlings are especially carefully processed. Before performing the work, specialists determine dangerous areas from which pests enter the premises. Gels, pastes, powders are applied to them for additional safety.

Destruction of bedbugs in shops

New generation chemicals in the form of cipermethrin, organophosphorus substances can permanently eliminate the problem of emerging bedbugs. Such pests actively withdraw their population, forming entire colonies. Toxic substances are sprayed on the premises with hot air, which is absolutely safe for humans, animals, products.

The destruction of bedbugs in stores can be carried out at any time, and after the performed activities it is possible to start work immediately. The disinsection service from Dis-man bedbags has long worked in this area, so customers can be sure of the result and quality of services.