Etching insects in canteens

What could be worse than insects in a catering room? This is probably the most dangerous and worst thing that can happen to such an organization. Places where people eat must fully comply with sanitary and epidemiological standards. For this purpose, periodic inspections by the SES bodies are carried out, the premises are dissected. If an emergency has occurred and parasites have appeared in the dining room, it is necessary to immediately begin their destruction.

The etching of insects in canteens should be carried out only by qualified specialists. Disinsection service “Dis-man” offers clients such favorable conditions of etching:

  • Identification of major pest habitats;
  • Using the latest generation of poisons to which insects have not developed immunity;
  • Processing of the object with special equipment.

Cold and hot fog generators are able to process a large area of the pole for several hours and defuse it from the emerging “life.”

Pickling cockroaches in dining rooms

Many customers witness the appearance of cockroaches in the catering organization. After that, every appetite goes away, and the reputation of the institution can finally ruin. The etching of cockroaches in the dining rooms allows to comply with sanitary standards, which are necessary not only for clients, but also for employees themselves.

Cockroaches pose a real threat to products, food, people. As carriers of infections, diseases, pests can infect humans as well. If there are first signs of “life,” you should immediately contact the dissection service for help. The food should be delicious but also safe. And effective drugs will help in this. The problem is that conventional agents are unable to etch the cockroach population. They have developed immunity to many components.

Harassment of bedbugs in dining rooms

Scheduled inspections of dining room sanitary standards are mandatory measures. But, even if the inspector does not visit the organization soon, it is not necessary to start the condition of the premises. Invisible bedbugs often infect catering facilities. This can have serious negative consequences. If insects are found in the kitchen, the distribution line, it is necessary to contact the company “Dis-man.”

For disinsectors, etching bedbugs in dining rooms is a common procedure. Many managers resort to such measures to secure themselves and customers. Contaminated products can cause mass poisoning, leading to checks, fines, ship processes. It is necessary to etch bedbugs only by dry heat method. Preparations based on phosphorus organics, carbamic acid, neonicotinoids allow to treat all centers of infection and completely rid the room of pests.