Harassment of cockroaches in the apartment

травля тараканов в квартире

If unsolicited guests entered your home from your neighbors, from the attic or basement, you will call our team as soon as possible. We will choose the most effective method of room processing, quickly establish barrier protection to prevent recurrence.

To defeat cockroaches is real, the main thing is to choose the right way and effective drugs. Barrier protection perfectly complements the main treatment, after it is installed you will not need to worry that red sucks will cross to you from neighbors. Commission the etching of cockroaches in the apartment to the specialists of the company “Dis-Man,” we will quality and quickly save you from unnecessary neighborhood with insects.

Pickling cockroaches in an apartment with a guarantee

травля тараканов в квартире с гарантией

When destroying cockroach families, we use European drugs that have no color and smell, do not leave traces on the surface of furniture, are safe for people and pets. A comprehensive approach to the extermination of harmful insects provides 100% results.

We use cold fog to control harmful insects. Spraying a preparation having a gaseous consistency makes it possible to destroy adults and their larvae. The insecticidal agent thus sprayed penetrates even hard-to-reach locations. The poison, settling on the surfaces, etches insects, prevents them from re-settling into the dwelling. The result is fixed by means of barrier protection possessing:

  • High efficiency;
  • Relatively easy and quick to install.

Order pickling cockroaches in the apartment

Faced with the need to order the etching of cockroaches in the apartment and want to get a guarantee at the same time? – contact our sanitary service. We will take measures to destroy parasitic neighbours within a short time frame.

The price of pickling cockroaches in apartments is low, especially considering how many problems they deliver. Red suckers carry a variety of diseases, and it is almost unrealistic to bring them out by their own forces. Even if you do your best, they will soon appear again. It is possible to achieve a complete victory over cockroach colonies only with the participation of specialists. Professionals know how to prevent their further spread. The efficiency of the treatment of premises with insecticidal agents is achieved by applying special preparations to the points of intended insect penetration (ventilation holes, sockets, door thresholds are particularly carefully treated).