Harming insects in apartment buildings

Cockroaches, bedbags, insects are such common parasites that every resident of an apartment building meets. All kinds of drugs, aerosols, powders are no longer effective in independent control, as pests have developed immunity. All time spent, work, forces become useless. Etching insects in apartment buildings with hot and cold fog becomes one of the best technologies for bringing out populations in buildings.

Based on the large area of the facility, processing is carried out using generators and qualified specialists. Before carrying out the treatment measures, the Dis-man service officers assess the condition of the building, the presence of the main habitats of insects, determine the effective method of etching. The new generation of poisons completely neutralize the premises, without danger to the residents.

Harassment of cockroaches in apartment buildings

Probably, the owners of each apartment face the appearance of cockroaches in the housing. These pests have the same “diet” with humans, so the kitchen becomes the main breeding place. But, breeding pests can be localized in other areas of the house – attic, basement, staircases. Harassment of cockroaches in apartment buildings is a complex event covering the whole territory of the structure.

Only in this way can the desired result be achieved. The advantage of using cold mist, gels, pastes, powders, traps is as follows:

  • Access to the most difficult places to access;
  • High roach disposal rate;
  • Prevention of repeated invasion.
  • If you start the problem initially, then their population will increase every day.

Harassment of bedbugs in apartment buildings

“Bed” bedbugs are known and dangerous. These bloodbeds are able to penetrate into a person ‘s clothes and sleeping place to further bring discomfort to normal sleep, infect the body with infections and diseases. Many try to get these parasites out on their own. The option is real, but not effective.

Only the harassment of bedbugs in apartment buildings by dry heat can fight insects. Special chemicals in the form of cipermethrin, γ-cyhalothrin and other elements are capable of bringing out the population. Handling personal effects is safe. A person cannot get side reactions, irritation, do not suffer from measures children, animals. This characteristic is very important for carrying out works in apartment buildings where there are enough residents.

Modern approaches of the Dis-man dissection service allow to effectively control pests regardless of the complexity of house construction.