Harming insects in cafes

A cafe is a catering facility that emphasizes sanitation. Violation of generally accepted norms can lead not only to closure of the organization, but poisoning of visitors, financial losses of business. Dis-man disinfectors can eliminate unpleasant situations caused by the appearance of insects. In the kitchen, the hall creates a favorable atmosphere for the reproduction of entire colonies of cockroaches, bedbags, rodents, which are the carriers of serious infections and diseases.

Insect harassment in cafes should be carried out in accordance with safety rules, with the use of exclusively safe drugs. Cold and hot mist generators contribute to rapid processing of the room, penetrate hard-to-reach places, cracks, decontaminate seedlings. This technique allows for the complete and permanent elimination of parasites in just one day.

Harassment of cockroaches in cafes

For an institution of this level, it is important to maintain status and reputation. To this end, Dis-Man dissection officers carry out the necessary activities in such a way that visitors will never guess or learn about it. The appeared cockroaches become a real threat to employees, clients, general working conditions. They can ruin products, get into food, actively move around the room. The harassment of cockroaches in cafes should be carried out using appropriate effective means.

Only the poisons of the new generation can destroy the suckers, which turn into huge colonies. For this purpose the room is pre-prepared, the main seating sockets are determined, access to them is provided. The step-by-step processing covers the entire area. For complete destruction and impossibility of repeated appearance of cockroaches areas are treated with gels, pastes, solutions, powders.

Harassment of bedbugs in cafes

The problem of the appearance of bedbugs is faced not only by residents of apartments, houses, but also by employees of catering establishments. These parasites penetrate the café through furniture, containers, food packages, hide in plinths, carnies, hard-to-reach places. The maximum build-up results in visitors being able to notice the bedbugs in the hall, and sometimes directly in the dishes served.

The etching of bedbugs in cafes with mustard air based on organophosphorus compounds, ceptimetrin contributes to the effective, rapid destruction of pests. In just a few hours, you can get rid of the population along with future offspring. The Dis-Man Service ‘s disinfectors guarantee safety for people, as only certified products are used.