Harming insects in shops

Shops are establishments that provide people with the most necessary goods. Food, vegetables, cereals, fruits, bakery products and other products are on open sale. In order to guarantee the safety and quality of goods, it is necessary to adhere to all rules and requirements of sanitary and epidemiological services. The emergence of insects can cause a lot of trouble for the whole business.

First of all, it is reputation, trust of buyers. Then there may be a risk of the store closing by the SEA service. Urgent action is needed to prevent this. The harassment of insects in shops with the help of new types of room processing allows to forget forever about the appearance of life. Close contact of goods, equipment, packagings must comply with sanitary standards and be fully clean. The appearance of insects in such establishments is unacceptable.

Harassment of cockroaches in shops

In addition to common methods of treatment and decontamination of premises, it is necessary to carry out professional etching of pests. Cockroaches are in a favorable habitat, because the availability of food allows you to find a tame place. The amazing results from the events carried out by the Dis-man service immediately demonstrate the destruction of cockroaches in the first hours.

A feature of the procedure is the use of a cold fog generator, effective means of additional treatment of places in the form of gels, powders. This is necessary to prevent the possible appearance of pests. Harassment of cockroaches in shops is carried out in absolutely all premises, warehouses, additions. Only so it is possible to carry out etching with the main sites of infection.

Harassment of bedbugs in shops

To protect the store for a long time from bedbugs, do not immediately run for new-fashioned aerosols, powders. Such agents do not yield a positive result. An inexperienced person does not have the necessary skills, does not know where to look for the main nests of infection, how much the population has increased. Food supplies, buyers are exposed to possible infections with parasites.

Sanitation in the form of new technologies is a direct advantage of Dis-Man ‘s choice. Harassment of bedbugs in stores is carried out only using human-safe drugs. Certified chemicals are the most reliable, effective method of controlling parasites.