Harming insects in the basement

Basement rooms are characterized by increased humidity, damp capacity, which contributes to the appearance of different types of insects. Fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches are immediately bred at such sites. For residents of apartment buildings, such parasites are a real threat and violate normal living conditions. They can easily penetrate housing, spoil food, infect furniture. An even greater danger is that insects spread infections, diseases. Ordinary people suffer from it. The etching of insects in the basement will protect the occupants and prevent the spread of “life” throughout the building.

Periodic treatment of the basement should become a prerequisite for maintaining sanitary conditions. Regardless of whether it is a residential facility or commercial, industrial, insects are pests for every kind of structure. As a prevention, it is necessary to clean the cellars from garbage, open the doors for ventilation, clean the territory from the accumulation of dirt. To perform professional harassment, you should contact professional specialists. The Dis-Man disinsection service offers effective methods of controlling parasites, which are distributed in different premises.

Pickling cockroaches in the basement

Cockroaches can be found most often in basements. Black and red prusaks find food, garbage, water for life, which are the main “ration” of life. It is possible to prevent the invasion of sleep with the help of simple methods of sanitary treatment – cleanliness, elimination of congestion, garbage will allow to avoid the population of arthropods in these objects.

But not always conventional measures can cope with serious contamination of basements. In this case, the etching of cockroaches in the basement should be carried out by cold fog. Generators spray chemicals that immediately destroy life. After a couple of hours, the territory is completely freed from parasites. To prevent re-emergence, it is possible to treat the main centers with additional means such as powders, traps, solvents.

Harassment of bedbugs in the basement

The closed basement space creates conditions that cause parasite breeding. Bloodpopians are able to penetrate the most difficult places to reach, will appear in residential premises. Strong poisons in the form of organophosphorous compounds, cipermethrin are sprayed with dry heat throughout. Thus, it is not possible for the bedbugs to survive after the treatment.

The performed etching of bedbugs in the basement by disinsectors of the “Dis-man” service, allows to forget forever about the possible appearance of arthropods. All products used are certified products safe for human health, animals.