Harming insects in the office

It is possible to etch insects in public places without special risk to people. Cold and hot mist generators allow to perform highly effective measures, the result of which is obvious after the first treatment. Spraying of toxic substances allows penetration into the main seedlings. Insects can penetrate deep slits that can ‘t be reached with conventional aerosols. To save, heads of units, organizations often try to fight parasites on their own.

After unsuccessful attempts at harassment, everyone comes to the decision to call specialists. The harassment of insects in the office with the use of strong poisons and special equipment becomes the only way out of the situation. The Dis-man disinsection service offers a full range of services from the assessment of the level of contamination to the implementation of measures of additional treatment of the centers with gels, solutions, pastes.

Harassment of cockroaches in the office

Cockroaches are residents not only of private housing, but also of offices. Conditions for their population are quite favorable – water, food, furniture, heat. After the appearance of the first redhead it is necessary to immediately apply for help. These parasites are able to escape in the most invisible slits. Only experienced specialists who already know what to pay attention to in the first place can see them.

For the harassment of cockroaches in the office to give its results, it is necessary to adhere to the basic requirements and rules. Processing should only be carried out when there are no employees or visitors. It is best to remove personal items, products in kitchens for feeding staff. Otherwise, the drugs are harmless. After spraying, they do not settle on the surface, so the harm to the person does not carry.

Harassment of bedbugs in the office

In addition to the main rooms for work, the offices have recreation rooms, utility rooms, toilets, locker rooms. People become the main target of infection, as it is warm-blooded people who are the source of nutrition. Dry heat is the main method of decontamination. Spraying leaves no traces, the facilities are certified, safe for humans. Harassment of bedbugs in the office is carried out by exceptionally strong poisons on the basis of highly effective compounds of phospho-organic origin, cipermethrin.

In order to prevent repeated invasion of insects, specialists additionally treat the sites of infection with special drugs. The Dis-man dissection service provides high-quality, operational services with maximum effect.