Harming insects in the room

The process of etching insects is carried out on the basis of modern methods and equipment. The main purpose of the procedure is to find the sources of infection. The rooms become the main habitat of cockroaches and prussians. Rental accommodation, purchase of supported furniture lead to contamination of the premises by undesirable “guests.” Timely harassment of insects in the room will allow forever to get rid of them and forget about constant discomfort.

The method chosen will depend on the presence of slits in the floor, walls, the location of industrial facilities nearby, the accumulation of homeless people. The efficiency of using cold and hot mist provides a high percentage of insect etching guarantee.

Pickling cockroaches in the room

Rooms are a cluster of furniture, things, often people like to eat on the couch for watching TV. All these factors contribute to the activation of cockroaches, which immediately find a tame corner for themselves. Harassment of cockroaches in the room by a one-time way will not help to solve the problem immediately.

For this purpose it will be effective to use long-term agents – powders, gels, traps, paste. Such options to prevent them from re-entering space will secure housing. It is necessary to place all these funds in places of storage of products. But it is necessary to remember that children should not get out and touch these traps. Such preparations should contain hydromethylnon, fipronil.

Harassment of bedbugs in the room

The bedbugs are drawn to warm-blooded objects. Therefore, living rooms become the main object of their stay. Nests are most often located in bed, mattress, bird cage. Harassment of bedbugs in the room should be carried out at repeated contamination and after the dissection procedure. When there are external sources of infection of bedbags, it is necessary to immediately install drugs, which have δ-methrin, cipermethrin. It is not necessary to use old tested home methods, because bedbugs have already developed immunity to such means.

Dis-man specialists select the necessary means depending on the source of infection, the previous method of treatment and destruction. A comprehensive approach to the organization of harassment will prevent the repeated contamination of the room by insects.