Persecution of cockroaches

травля тараканов

The list of services provided by our dissection service includes the harassment of cockroaches in Moscow and the Moscow region. Harmful insects have the ability to settle even in the cleanest apartments and houses, crawling from neighbors. Units manage to cope with them without professional assistance. In most cases, specialists have to be invited to harass cockroaches. Our employees specialize in this work. We use the following methods to combat red dressings:

  • Cold fog;
  • Hot fog;
  • Installation of barrier protection.

The first technique involves spraying the insecticide at room temperature. The dim cloud fills everything around, penetrating even into the slits, where parasites usually hide. This technology is preferred, if necessary, to destroy the cockroaches of the family in small-sized premises.

In the second case, the insecticide is sprayed hot – this method is even more effective than the previous one, it is used to treat large spaces. Its main advantage is 100% efficiency.

Etching cockroaches with a guarantee

Our Dis-Man Service performs cockroach harassment with a guarantee of obligations at an affordable price: positive feedback from customers who have used our services confirms the efficiency of the processing we carry out.

In order to consolidate the result after the use of insecticidal preparations, we install barrier protection (at the customer ‘s request), preventing the return of insects from neighboring apartments, ventilation system, garbage duct. It is an additional measure carrying preventive purposes, destroying single individuals if they survive the disinsection.

Repellents, representing the failure of gels and dusts applied as contour lines projecting as a poisonous barrier that parasites are unable to cross, help to prevent the re-emergence of cockroaches. In most cases, the barrier is installed in the slots between furniture items, under washes, refrigerators, in the area of the ventilation system. These areas are not accessible to humans and pets, but harmful insects love them very much.

To order persecution of cockroaches

If cockroaches have settled in your house without delaying calling representatives of our service. We will promptly arrive at the specified address to take measures for their prompt destruction. Don ‘t waste your time and strength trying to get the pests out in popular ways, so you can put the health of your homebuyers and pets at risk. You can order the harassment of cockroaches both on the site using the form and by phone call to our company.

Trust the pickling of cockroaches to professionals using modern insecticides and technologies to achieve the complete elimination of parasites.