Destruction of insects in the office

The office should always have a microclimate inspiring to work. The atmosphere should predispose customers to communication, direct contact. But often such idyllium is spoiled by the appearance of insects. Pests actively fill the premises, spreading throughout the site. The reason for the invasion is the constant flow of people, the availability of food, water, accumulations of various garbage, archives, warehouse departments.

The appearance of arthropods should alert employees and managers. For the initial struggle, people often begin to take care of them on their own. The destruction of insects in the office by conventional means does not yield its result. Pests still appear in offices. The fact is that to such composition they have developed immunity and they can resist such processing. To effectively process the main sites of infection, it is necessary to use only quality drugs – modern, strong poisons.

Destruction of cockroaches in the office

Cockroaches are the main danger of office workers. Red prusaks cause the development of mass infections, collective diseases. Tame corners in the form of cracks, archival warehouse, slits become the main centers of contamination. At the same time, there is a high risk of spoilage of documents, important papers. In addition, visitors can become witnesses to cockroaches who run around the room.

The destruction of cockroaches in the office is carried out by a complex event. First, specialists of the “Dis-man” disinsection service determine the breeding sites. Then the degree of contamination, the level of population is estimated. With large colonies, only a cold fog generator can help. There will be few single treatments, so powders, pastes, gels should be used as additional agents.

Destruction of bedbugs in the office

Blood pumps for office workers are particularly dangerous. These pests can spread infection, infect people with various kinds of diseases. Only a professional company can fight insects that actively breed, creating a large amount of population. Timely dissection from bedbugs is your only reliable choice.

Modern equipment, new types of preparations in the form of organophosphorus compounds, carbamic acid give an unparalleled result. Treatment is carried out during non-working hours, so for people toxic substances are not dangerous. The destruction of bedbugs in the office is a safe exercise from which there are no consequences, odors, residues of substances on the surface.