Destruction of insects in the premises

Usually it is difficult to get rid of arthropod “guests” because they spread quickly within the premises. Settling in certain places is typical only for blood-sucking species – such as bed bedbugs and pay lice. And for cockroaches and prusaks (red cockroaches) there is only one mandatory condition for existence – presence of water and food in the room. And their “diet” is the same as that of humans. The destruction of insects in the premises should be carried out taking into account the peculiarities of their behavior.

Destruction of cockroaches in the premises

Fighting cockroaches is most difficult because of:

  • Masses of sources of replenishment of the colony around – from neighbors (ventilation, outlets, common risers), from garbage cans and garbage trucks, warehouses of food supermarkets and catering establishments;
  • Their mobility is the ability to live and reproduce anywhere in the home;
  • Resistance to many long-used poisons;
  • Ability to hide earlier and faster than any other insect parasites.

Instant destruction of cockroaches in the premises is carried out by specialists of our company with the help of cold fog – spraying of fine toxin. But this measure will not help from individuals quickly forgotten into narrow slits and new “visitors” who will run in the next few weeks. If it is still possible to process the apartment of the neighbors at the same time, then it is not possible to move the store away from the apartment building. Therefore, the disinsection service “Dis-man” recommends to supplement the fight against cockroaches with the installation of long-term traps, treatment of slots not subject to sealing with special gels.

Destruction of bedbugs in the premises

Unlike cockroaches, these insects do not tolerate temperature treatment well. The destruction of bedbugs in the premises also facilitates the predictability of the location of their nests – in the frame and mattress of the bed, the bow of pets, the bird cage and everywhere in the places of long stay of warm-blooded residents of the premises. Such hearths are treated with steam or hot air, including mattresses, bed linen and clothing. Toxic substances are less commonly used in their control. To relatively old pyrethroids, bedbugs may have immunity. Therefore, our specialists work with more modern phenylpyrazole, neonicotinoid, phosphorus-organic compounds, dissection from bedbags this case takes place simply perfectly.