Disinsection from insects in shops

Shops are the special sphere of provision of services. The quality, environmental friendliness, safety of activity will depend on the level of observance of sanitation. But not all organizations strictly maintain the main requirements that leads to many negative consequences. First of all, it is fraught with appearance of insects. Different types of parasites quickly attack rooms, products warehouses, becoming the main threat. They make the way through cracks, cracks, walls, through ventilation.

Products of their activity are real threat to food, stocks, people. Disinsection of insects in shops – a complex of necessary measures for disposal of parasites. Processing by means of the generator of cold and hot fog is carried out. Such modern way, highly effective medicines are capable to save the room from wreckers at once. In the Dis-man company it is possible to order this service there will be after no which left carrying out in shop also a trace from insects, at what that without risk of closing of an institution.

Disinsection of cockroaches in shops

Food attract to themselves red and black men with a big mustache. These parasites actively fill the most secluded sites to which to get not and simply. Some owners of shops try to struggle with “neighbors” independently. As a result, toxic substances can damage products, cause departure, and cockroaches will appear again. To localize the main places nurseries very difficult.

Before disinsection of cockroaches in shops is carried out, experts define the main centers of infection. Cold fog sprays toxic agents which cockroaches aren’t capable to resist. The result is obvious after several hours. Processing requires the minimum preparation as substances don’t accumulate on a surface, and after it is rather simple to wipe the room.

Disinsection of bugs in shops

Grocery stores were always a nursery for reproduction of parasites. The big flow of visitors of a different class, delivery of products together with a container can become the reason of emergence of bugs. These insects get in a plinth, refrigerators, hide in cracks to which it isn’t so easy to reach.

In the investigation, sanitation conditions are violated, and products are exposed to direct infection. Disinsection of bugs in shops is carried out by a technique of hot air by means of the special equipment and medicines. Usual means aren’t capable to save rooms from wreckers as throughout a long time they developed immunity completely.

Yours faithfully service of disinsection Dis-Mang.