Disinsection of the apartment from insects

Insects not only bring discomfort to premises, but also other negative consequences. They spoil food, leave activity excrement, allocate an unpleasant smell. Disinsection of the apartment from insects provides complex services in removal of populations of wreckers.
Cockroaches, bugs, fleas and other living creatures nestles close deep into cracks, seams, in upholstered furniture. Disinsection by means of modern generators of cold and hot fog allows to get rid of such problem completely. Correctly performed procedure experts, provides the maximum result and confidence that their repeated emergence is excluded.
Usual means for disinsection don’t bring any more result as insects resist to such components. Only new types of processing allow to resolve a problem.
Getting into the most hard-to-reach spots, active medicines are capable to disinfect completely the territory, without doing harm to property. The Dis-man company carries out a number of services in disinsection which after the first procedure yield effective result. Harmful parasites disappear at once, and their repeated emergence is prevented. The company offers modern types of processings of inhabited apartments, the affordable prices and a possibility of a call of the expert at any convenient time.