Sanepidemestation (SES) in NVAO

санэпидемстанция (сзс) свао

Insects and various parasites in some cases become a problem for residents of the capital across different districts. Our SES sanitary station in NVAO offers qualitative and professional disposal of them using various means and methods of harassment from them.

Depending on the degree of infection and the number of insects in the fight against them, we use:

  • Cold fog;
  • Hot fog;
  • Spraying from a conventional bottle;
  • Means of barrier protection.

Danger of invasion of insects

Many people at first begin to fight parasites on their own, which becomes the most important and common mistake. Pests with insufficient concentrations of poison and poor quality spraying can develop immunity against the most common means of etching. This will lead to even greater reproduction and due to resistance to treatment with various dissection agents.

Treatment from cockroaches and bedbags using quality insecticidal drugs is the main service provided by our SES. We have all the necessary equipment, various insecticides and the most important experience of the employees. Disinfectors, with pest control skills, are able to identify and destroy their main habitats Spraying of preparations in various ways allows to penetrate toxic substances deep into slots and cracks, where conventional means do not act

For safety, a set of preventive measures is carried out for additional decontamination of premises by means of barrier protection installation. This is the most effective combination that will get rid of insects to the maximum.