Sanepidemstantion (SES) of the South-Western AD

санэпидемстанция (сзс) юзао

The appearance of insects in apartments and houses is not related to unsanitary. These pests are looking for a favorable habitat – heat, food, water, people living. When bedbugs and cockroaches appear, you can independently join the fight against the carriers of serious diseases and infections. This will be a temporary measure, as conventional traps and crayons are unable to bring out the population. The professional destruction of cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow from the Dis-man service is the solution to the problem. In our service, the disinsection is carried out quickly, qualitatively and reliably, and at the request of the client, the disinsection sector provides a discount guarantee at the time of re-departure.

Services SES

Dissection services from employees of SES UZAO are an effective complex of measures against the emerging parasites. Bedbugs are the most dangerous blood suckers who make their way into bed, linen, mattress at night. Cockroaches mostly live in the kitchen, under the wash, sink, in the bathroom. It will be very difficult to process the premises on its own, and there is no guarantee of destruction of the whole colony.

The performed treatment from cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow from “Dis-man” disinfectors is carried out according to SanPiN sanitary standards. The work uses modern drugs, safe and harmless for people and pets. Certified means are used by new technologies – cold and hot fog. These methods allow insecticides to penetrate hard-to-reach locations where parasites hide along with their lead.

The main principle of disinsection is mass harassment of cockroaches and bedbags in Moscow. By infecting each other, pests begin to gradually die to complete extinction without the risk of re-emergence. Depending on the extent of contamination of the room, several procedures are possible. Specialists determine the level of invasion of colonies already directly at home.

Safety of services SES

The disinsection service “Dis-man” offers residents of UZAO effective methods of combating unspoiled “guests.” Treatment and barrier protection of the territory will allow to forget forever about the possible appearance of red suckers or bed bedbugs. The procedure takes place very quickly, without making the usual way of life of the person difficult.

In addition, after spraying on the surface and furniture, there is no residue of etching substances. Disinfectors guarantee an impeccable result of their work, and the affordable cost of services will allow to create comfortable living conditions in the house.