Service of extermination of insects

служба уничтожения от тараканов служба уничтожения от тараканов служба уничтожения от клопов

Unfortunately, the appearance of insects is a common phenomenon not only in industrial enterprises, but also in private houses and apartments. Therefore, the destruction of unwanted life is a real rescue not only from pests, but also from all kinds of infections, diseases, unpleasant smells. Our Dis-man Insect Destruction Service offers comprehensive insect control services.

With the help of efficient and safe decontamination techniques, our specialists will be able to quickly restore the normal situation, without the risk of new colonies. The services provide for the complete elimination of all types of life that are harmful to human health, as well as for the control and prevention of their appearance in the future.

Cockroach Destruction Service

Clients of our service very often face the problem of cockroach invasion. At the same time, the main part of the victims of undesirable “neighbors” are residents of apartment buildings and owners of public institutions, cafes. The favorable habitat predisposes their rapid reproduction.

The “Dis-man” cockroach destruction service will qualitatively treat all centers of pest appearance, and modern technologies of treatment in the form of cold and hot fog will penetrate into all hard-to-reach places. Professional sanitary treatment is carried out according to all safety rules, so you can enter the room after a few minutes. The affordable cost of services is the main criterion for choosing our firm.

Cage Destruction Service

Bedbugs, like cockroaches, actively appear and expand their colonies during the summer and spring period, with the arrival of heat. When the first signs of presence of these parasites appear, it is necessary to contact specialists immediately for help. The fact is that insects are bloodbeds that can infect humans with dangerous infections. The Cockroach Destruction Service offers complete population removal from private or commercial facilities.

Destruction is carried out in several stages and provides for the absolute exclusion of the possible presence and appearance of life. New technologies allow to carry out the procedure without unnecessary discomfort, unpleasant smells, evaporation of harmful substances. Furniture, interior remain intact without being negatively affected.

Specialists of our service will come to the help of everyone who has applied to the client. We will go to your address and for a moderate price we will rid of unpleasant “guests” in the house.