Disinfection from bed bugs in the apartment

дезинфекция от клопов в квартире

When bugs appear in the apartment, many people rush to the store for dichlorvos, neglecting the opportunity to poison them in a safer and more reliable way, and also with a guarantee. In such cases, it is important not to neglect professional help. Even if someone from your friends managed to destroy parasites with folk remedies, the risk that they will return again is too great.

Professional help in such situations becomes a real salvation, because insects multiply quickly, so you need to start fighting them as soon as possible. Procrastination can be fraught with a health risk, because ectoparasites carry dangerous diseases. And the traces of their bites cause considerable discomfort.

Do not waste your own time in vain trying to etch ectoparasites on your own: in 90% of cases, such actions do not bring success. Many forget that it is necessary to destroy not only adults, but also larvae, otherwise the population will recover in a short time. How to act:

  • Call the SES;
  • Agree on the time of arrival of specialists;
  • Prepare housing for disinfestation (in particular, remove pets from it).

We recommend that you contact us to carry out a bug-disinfection service in your apartment, this will reduce the likelihood of pests returning to a minimum, which will save your efforts and money.

Disinfection from bedbugs in the apartment with a guarantee

дезинфекция от клопов в квартире с гарантиейThese insects are extremely resistant to poison, and quickly adapt to poisons, in this they are superior to cockroaches with ants. Therefore, the methods for dealing with them have to be selected especially carefully. We poison bloodsucker pests with the most effective insecticides. And we can help get rid of the largest population. An integrated approach to the destruction of pests allows you to get a 100% effect, to prevent re-infection of the premises.

Dis-Man specialists know how to properly disinfect bugs in an apartment with a guarantee that they will not return anymore. The result of the pest control procedure will be visible immediately.

Order disinfection from bedbugs in the apartment

Pest control is carried out on a day and hour convenient for the property owner. The products we use do not leave a strong odor. A few hours after the procedure, you can return home.

You can order disinfection from bedbugs in the apartment in our company, using the order form or by contacting our managers. The cost of baiting bugs in our apartment is very affordable, which, combined with reliability, makes our company one of the best in the pest control market.