Disinfection in change house or cabins

The location right on the ground makes the temporary shelters an easy “prey” not only for the Prussians, but also for ants, weevils, bear cubs, rodents. Especially if warehouses with natural building / finishing materials and food products are nearby equipped.

Temporary housing for staff at the facility is organized on the basis of a hostel. This creates excellent conditions for the spread of the primary focus with people “roaming” in adjacent rooms and their belongings. And in order to carry out high-quality disinfection from insects in the cabins taking into account this feature, it is necessary to disinfect several neighboring rooms / buildings at once.

A separate case is a combination of infection of residential and warehouse premises with one type of pest. With it, it is necessary to process the living cars and simultaneously pickle insects in the warehouse. The specialists of the Disman pest control service always inspect the nearest buildings for other foci and recommend, at a minimum, their prevention along with the “stripping” of the main nest.

Disinfection from cockroaches in cabins

Workers of enterprises and other non-residential facilities bring Prusaks to work from home. Therefore, a one-time cleaning solves the problem of their appearance for a period of no more than six months. For her, it is enough to conduct 1-2 times according to the rules disinfection from cockroaches in cabins with the help of cold fog generators.

Permanent protection against relapses is provided only by stationary measures – ultrasonic repellers and poisonous baits. They should be laid out inaccessible to children and pets, not in contact with dishes, food and underwear. For example, under the bottom and on the back wall of furniture, in corners blocked by it. You can also process all cracks, holes in the walls and window / door openings with a special pencil or gel.

Disinfection from bed bugs in change houses

Infection of temporary dwellings with bedbugs is facilitated by 2 factors:

  • The atmosphere is mainly made of old furniture;
  • Sanitary conditions far from ideal.

Among the most effective measures in the fight against bedbugs:

  • Sterilization of furniture, bedding, clothes and walls with a vacuum cleaner, hot steam and boiling water, drying in the sun;
  • Organophosphorus pesticides, pyrethroids, carbamic acid for chemical treatment.

These methods and drugs are suitable for use by staff and pest control specialists living at the facility. But the task of disinfection from bedbugs in change houses is better to be trusted to professionals. Specialists of the Dis-Man company:

  • Faster and more accurate than any amateur will determine and block the path of their getting inside;
  • Better process the emerging foci of reproduction;
  • They will select the optimal preparations for the existing conditions to prevent new invasions.