Disinfection in the premises against insects

The biggest difficulty tenants face in trying to solve the insect problem on their own is the inability to destroy enough individuals at one time. The result of such disinsection is either invisible or holds no longer than a few weeks.

And the risk of complications from the chemicals used in permanent residents of the structure, including flowers and pets, is still high. Cold fog generators and other specialized equipment at the disposal of our specialists allow to disinfect from insects in the premises much more efficiently and safer.

Indoor cockroach disinfection

Small red or large black cockroaches bear the “title” of the most common pests of human housing for a reason. They are extremely fertile, careful and provocative. Cockroaches also have innate resistance to a large proportion of the chemicals that were most commonly used on their “ancestors.”

Full disinfection from cockroaches in the premises by its own forces is also impossible because around the sources of “admission” of new individuals. They must have neighbors, in a shop nearby, the basement of the building. Dis-Man ‘s disinfectors use modern poisons of recent generations to destroy them, and will specifically select a mixture for particularly resistant and large colonies. They also plan to prevent the emergence of new hotbeds taking into account efficiency and safety for the rest of the room.

Indoor Bedding Disinfection

Until the middle of the XX century the nests of bed bedbugs could be found in any hotel, even high class. As public places were cleared of such “life,” their habitats began to decline. But the resistance of this “infection” to trying to get rid of it cannot be underestimated.

Bugs very comfortably feel in places, inaccessible to the majority of poisons, – seams of a framework and a mattress of a bed, bed linen, clothes, cardboard boxes and wall-paper. Only professional disinfection sectors can disinfect from bedbugs in the premises qualitatively. The Dis-Man disinsection service will treat all potential habitats at high temperature, protect the apartment from new “intrusions,” causing toxic mixtures to pests in places of typical location of nests.