Disinfection in the room from insects

Insects of domestic residence reproduce very quickly. If you start taking them out yourself, you can simply lead to the formation of entire colonies. It will be difficult to process hard-to-reach slits, sills or cornice, and the use of conventional drugs from shops is no longer effective.

Disinfection from insects in the room and forever forget about their existence can be done with special equipment and new methods. Cold fog is considered the most effective method of etching. The procedure is safe for humans and does not cause dangerous side effects.

Disinfection from cockroaches in the room

Rooms are infected with cockroaches most often. The room always has furniture, clothes, water. And eating behind the TV leads to a build-up of residues, which become the main part of the “diet” by red suckers. Only special equipment can fully remove arthropod individuals. Disinfection from cockroaches in the room is possible with the use of new generation poisons, to which they are not resistant.

Specialists of the “Dis-man” service will select the necessary mixture depending on the complexity of the case, the peculiarities of the space. The rooms are particularly carefully treated with plinthus, cracks, window sills. Etching at one time may not give the desired result, so for long-term removal of cockroaches it is necessary to use traps, to process places with gels.

Disinfection from bedbugs in the room

It is possible to bring out the bedbugs of poisons, but this method does not always work. These inhabitants prefer to live in the most inaccessible places of processing – mattress, bed linen, wallpaper. It is unacceptable to apply poison to these objects, as it can be dangerous to human life and health. Disinfection from bedbugs in the room will be possible for professional specialists with equipment. Disinsectors handle all places of possible invasion by bedbugs with a high temperature that they cannot resist. Toxic mixtures located in the main nests will not allow a new insect invasion.

It is not necessary to test your own forces in the hope of bringing out such inhabitants on your own. Even after temperature treatment, they can re-penetrate from other external sources. For this purpose, a whole set of long-term harassment is carried out. Qualified employees of the company will be able to correctly determine the root cause of the appearance of cockroaches, bedbags, and develop an individual set of necessary measures.